The galleries below contain images from Styled Wedding events we have planned and photographed.
What is a "Styled Wedding"? A Styled Wedding is "a planned gathering of a select group of vendors and/or creatives that have put together a mock event with a predetermined design aesthetic for the purpose of adding professional photos to their portfolio, and/or submitting the photo shoot to a magazine or blog publication." ( 
Why don't we simply post actual photographs from weddings we have shot? There are several reasons, but the most important is that a bride and groom often don't want their wedding photographs used in this public manner. We understand this and respect the privacy of our clients.  
Can I expect the photographs of my wedding to look like those from a styled shoot? The honest answer is usually not. During a styled wedding event, we have complete control over the environment and scheduling. Every detail is carefully planned to produce the best visual images possible. During an actual wedding, we have very little to no control over these factors. However, while planning your wedding, if you follow a few simple guidelines, the quality of your wedding photographs can be greatly enhanced. If you would like more information about this, please get in touch with us. 
How do I know what I can expect from the photographs from my wedding? During our first meeting with a potential client, we review photographs from actual weddings we have photographed and that the bride and groom have given permission for us to use in a private setting.
Our Styled Wedding events are styled, planned, and managed by Katherine Elise Efferson and photographed by Mark Russell. Post production (image editing) is provided by The Image Salon.
We are planning to shoot our first styled wedding in late August or early September 2018. The images will be posted here.
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