Mark Russell Photography shoots one free wedding in each of the following 2 month periods January/February, April/May, July/August, and October/November each year. 
Why? Quite simply, we use this offer as a way to generate traffic to our website and interest in our photography services. Is this a scaled-down or cut-rate photography package? No, this Free Wedding Photography Package is identical to our regular 8 hour wedding photography package - same photography team, same number of hours, same number of images, same client care. The only difference is the price.
For more information and to register to possibly be selected for a Free Wedding Photography Package, please complete the form below. Selection is by random drawing.
Registration for the following 2 month periods is now open;
April/May 2019 (Drawing on September 12, 2018)
July/August 2019 (Drawing on December 12 2018)
October/November 2019 (Drawing on March 13, 2019)
January/February 2020 (Drawing on June 12, 2019)

Thank you!
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